CAVISLIM cellulite-eliminator machine

Do I have cellulite? Yes!
Would I love to get rid of it? Yes!
What better way to zap it, than to be offered the chance with a brand new home-use machine….

So I now have a CAVISLIM Cavitation machine in my sitting room ready to try out over the course of the next 6 weeks whilst I watch TV.
CAVISLIM is a brand new home-use hand-held machine that can help to reduce and eliminate the build up of fat and cellulite using a new type of Ultrasound technology.

I loooooove beauty gadgets and am always happy to try and test any new technology that offers me the chance to improve and “hone” my non-too-perfect body! Unfortunately, being such a busy person with my work, I think I may be a better candidate for testing any treatments that enable me to be passive, or even asleep, whilst they are administered in a salon rather than having to be the treatment practitioner myself.

The Cavislim is however very simple to set up and I diligently followed the instructions. But it does need a certain amount of dedication and time to sit and massage the specific sections of your body with the hand held device. Although only 15 minutes application per body section is allowed-no more than 2 sections a day- and 72 hours between treatments- it is time consuming and slightly messy as the gel for use with the machine is quite runny .

So I have given up after a few tries, although I am sure if I were to have persevered, I would have seen improvements in my cellulite.

For best results the CAVISLIM machine requires simultaneous healthy eating and masses of water consumption. This has also proved quite difficult for me as I am still on holiday mode at my Isle of Wight cottage with more alcohol consumption than water and loving the naughty seaside food!

I would recommend trying out this exciting new machine if you would like to recover your body from your Summer holiday excesses.
This is the perfect machine for those who like to do their own beauty treatments in the comfort of their own home and maybe already tint their own lashes and wax their legs. What better than also being able to keep your cellulite under control as well?

you can see demos of the CAVISLIM on Youtube

From £759 available at John Lewis

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