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do please keep an eye on my Cowes Week blog update (well actually “one-day” blog) as I was out on the press boat.
I took loads of pix until my battery died (forgot to charge it first- sooo blonde)!… so continued with my Blackberry phone camera.
Think the current photos are those from the blackberry
See if you can spot the difference when theyre all up- actually am rather impressed with the Blackberry pix too, especially as it was a tricky manouevre standing still on a boat whilst on a choppy sea, attempting to not just capture sea or sky- always good to get a boat or too in the picture too!

Pictures will be uploaded soon!

Sadly missed the start of the Artemis Challenge with Zara Phillips and Ewan Mcgregor competing on two of the yachts, but did get to watch the start, recall and restart of the XOD class with 145 boats competing. Also saw the Squibs and Redwings.

Was so exciting being the midst of the racing yachts. Loved my day out- next year will be covering more days definitely! did feel somewhat inadequate though, as the only female with a small lensed camera on a press boat full of serious yachty only male photographers with very very large lenses.

Back to London next for my Bob Mackie QVC shows on Saturday 9am and 12midday.

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