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The SOHA transformational retreat 2023

The SOHA transformational retreat 2023

I didn’t take any photos or videos of the retreat guest experiences as I firmly believe that paid guest privacy should be valued – especially at a ‘transformational retreat’ when women are allowing themselves to be open and vulnerable – and need a safe space.

This kind of retreat may not be for everyone, especially if you are expecting a ‘premium’ price level traditional spa-style retreat.
If you want structure, time keeping, and exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ – then you may be disappointed.
However, I believe that everyone can find the positive in every situation and can gain from experiences outside their comfort zone – especially when the truly excellent psychotherapists and therapists are passionate in their work of transforming people’s mindsets and lives for the better.

And a special thank you to @clarewhittaker_hearts for her massage and reflexology treatments
@danielle.kedward for her lovely breathwork session and angel cards.

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